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Who is Rhonda Hicks?

Who is she, you ask?  Well, I am a wife, mother of two, IT professional, entrepreneur and cancer survivor.  I am a Jersey girl born and bred, but followed my parents to North Carolina in the early 90's and have called The Tarheel State home ever since! My corporate career has been in the fields of telecommunications and IT, primarily focusing on project, account, and personnel management, however, in November 2009, I launched my first entrepreneurial venture – Amazing Grace Event Management (AGEM).  Over the past several years, I have had the opportunity to plan and manage events spanning from milestone celebrations and weddings to small business and large corporate trade shows on both a national and international scale. To celebrate the company's 10 year anniversary, I expanded the vision of the business to include a business consulting arm, now AGEM & Consulting™.

In 2014, I found myself to be so super busy with two young children and doing much for many, yet really didn't know how I defined myself.  I began asking other women if they felt the same and the overwhelming majority did!  I came up with the concept to serve those who were like me, however, shortly thereafter, I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  After battling and beating it, only with the Grace of God, I officially established Project She™ in 2016. I live the life of a busy wife, mommy, business woman, etc. etc. etc. and so, I understand the challenges and stressors that can often be overwhelming and underappreciated.  This project was born out of those experiences and it is my hope that this forum will serve as a place for women to support one another in the name of encouragement and positivity through the powerful bond of womanhood. 


Project She™ has been elevated to what is now SHE ISWho is She, you may ask?   SHE IS every woman, every age, every stage, every where who continues to evolve, blossom, learn and become the person she has always wanted to be - holistically flourishing in every aspect of her life. The common experiences we share are what make us relatable.  The unique experiences we have are what make us unique.  Yet, when we come together to share our stories and perspective, it makes us powerful!


One of the things that is of the utmost importance is to support my community. Each business venture is aligned and designed to support a non-profit organization to give back in a positive way. I am member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, whose main thrusts are Sisterhood, Scholarship and Service. I  am a contributing writer for Unconditionally Her, "a media production/publishing company producing female-centered lifestyle and positive content across multiple platforms".  These platforms include a digital magazine, newsletters, podcasts and live events. Most recently, I had the opportunity to contribute to a The Small PEARL in Every Girl, a book of "Lessons and Affirmations of life, leadership and love".  I am a Sunday School teacher and a member of the Youth Ministry Leadership Team at my church.  When I am not busy cheering my children on at their sporting events, I love to travel and enjoy hosting gatherings to bring my family and friends together for food, fun and fellowship!

Above all, I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, and soror.  I am silly and love to laugh. I try to be graceful but am super clumsy!  I am sometimes insecure but strive to exude confidence.  I am focused but succumb to distractions.  I can be overly critical of myself yet full of determination to succeed.  I am sometimes emotional yet passionate.  I am strong-willed yet sensitive.  I am me.  Ever changing, ever evolving, ever seeking more.  Forever me.

So, who is she?  I am just like you.  Striving to flourish, be fulfilled, live with purpose, on purpose and make a difference.  I would love to be your accountability partner so we can journey together!  Let's stay connected!   

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