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She Is, Inc.

She is every woman, every age, every stage, everywhere who continues to evolve, blossom, learn and become the person she has always wanted to be - holistically flourishing in every aspect of her life.  Come join us for The SheTreat - a place and space where she can step away from the everyday grind to enjoy an uplifting, encouraging and positive experience to REFLECT, REFOCUS and RENEW herself towards becoming a more fulfilled woman, first for herself, and then her family and her community. Mix in a touch of fun, fellowship, and's an experience not to be missed!

Speaking Engagements

I love to talk!  Much more, I love to share my experiences and my knowledge with others as I believe that is one of the greatest forms of learning and growing.  I enjoy speaking to corporate groups, women's groups, our younger generation, and everyone in between.  Whether it be as keynote speaker, panelist, guest podcaster, or hostess for your next event, I'd love to take part, and support your vision!  Let's chat!    

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AGEM & Consulting

Your all-inclusive partner for event management and consultative services.   

With over 20+ years’ experience in the event management industry, from weddings and social celebrations to small business and corporate conferences and conventions, we have the expertise to ensure the success of any occasion. We also provide coaching support for businesses to thrive by concentrating on the employee first!  We conduct interactive Accountability Workshops to stimulate and create an environment of support and team synergy that will lead to the overall success of any organization.   

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